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We are the UK’s largest official distributor & stockist authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH

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Nationwide Delivery: Largest UK Stock!

Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm: Same Day Despatch

Jung Pumpen Compli 400

A packaged sewage disposal unit. The Jung Compli 400 Pump Station is an ideal unit for a domestic situation.

Key Information

  • Also ideal for commercial situations where Macerators are NOT suitable
  • Single pump
  • Control panel and high level alarm pre wired
  • Complete system ready to install
  • Maintenance can be carried very easily

Technical Information

  • Size H x W x D 445 x 650 x 575 mm
  • Tank volume 64
  • PE-tank capacity 50 Ltr.
  • floor to centre inlet 180 / 250 ml
  • free passage approx. 70 mm
  • Hmax = 7 m
  • Qmax = 48 m3/h


Introducing the Compli 400: Your Ready-to-Use Drainage Solution for Detached Houses

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Compli 400, a ready-to-plug-in faeces lifting unit designed to efficiently drain your detached house. Its seamless combination of user-friendly features and space-saving installation makes it the perfect choice for hassle-free drainage solutions. Whether you’re dealing with the toilet or other drainage objects in your home, the Compli 400 handles it all reliably.

Convenient and Easy to Install

With its floodable design and non-return valve, the Compli 400 is not only versatile but also suitable for use in areas at risk of flooding. Its assembly process is simple, and you’ll appreciate the ease of installation. Say goodbye to the complexities of digging a floor pit when connecting a retrofitted floor-standing WC in accordance with the Euro standard, thanks to the continuously adjustable inlet socket.

Flexibility at Its Finest

The Compli 400 offers flexible application options, allowing you to connect additional drainage objects such as sinks, showers, and washbasins through the various inlets. Choose between DN 50 and DN 100 connections, both from above and from the side, to suit your needs. The included adapter ring expands your options even further, enabling you to design the pressure pipe in DN 80 or DN 100 using the elastic connection.

Silent and Safe Operations

Enjoy a peaceful environment with the Compli 400’s integrated hydraulics and two cast iron rings, ensuring stability and smooth running without compromising on safety. Despite its sturdy build, it is remarkably lightweight, making it easy to handle during installation. For added peace of mind, you have the option to include another high-water alarm for increased safety.

Uninterrupted Flow

Say goodbye to clogs and bottlenecks with the Compli 400’s clogging-resistant free-flow hydraulics. Its large free passage ensures flow rates of up to 48 m³/h, making sure your single-family house experiences reliable drainage at all times.

In summary, the Compli 400 offers a complete drainage solution for your detached house, providing unmatched convenience, easy installation, and a host of versatile features. Experience the quiet, efficient, and reliable drainage system your home deserves with the Compli 400.


Type Code No. Voltage Motor rating P1 Motor rating P2 Current Plug
compli 400
3/N/PE~400 V
1.25 kW
0.87 kW
2.2 A
compli 400 E
1/N/PE~230 V
1.55 kW
1.1 kW
7.1 A
compli 400 with non-return valve mounted
3/N/PE~400 V
1.25 kW
0.87 kW
2.2 A
compli 400 E with non-return valve mounted
1/N/PE~230 V
1.55 kW
1.1 kW
7.1 A

PDF Downloads

Compli 400 Datasheet
Compli 400 Manual
Compli 400 Manual – Opening Set
Spare Parts

3d BIM Library

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3D Image

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We stock many Jung Pumpen spares at our warehouse in Aldermaston. Please download the Compli 400 spares list or call the office on 0118 9821 555 if you need help, or to place an order.

Compli 400 Part No. Motor Compli 400 Part No.
Compli 400 pump JP50469 compli 400 10/4 BW JP50485
Compli 400, 15M pump JP50162 compli 400 10/4 BW, 15 m JP50161
Compli 400E pump JP50470 compli 400E 10/4 BWE, 4m JP50486
Compli 400E, 15M pump JP50584 compli 400E 10/4 BWE, 15m JP50487
Adapter DN100/80 JP50478 compli 400 Stator + Housing JP50488
Elastic connector JP43705 compli 400E Stator + Housing JP50448
Compli 400 Control unit JP50491 Bearing set JP46724
Compli 400E Control unit JP50495 Motor seals JP46806
Mounting ring pump JP50477 compli 400 Rotor shaft JP46761
Flange JP43706 compli 400E Rotor shaft JP46801
Compli 400 Control board JP50497 Screw set JP50450
Compli 400E Control board JP50501 Bearing housing JP43720
Level control JP50467 Seal set JP50449
Reflux valve JP43707 Impeller screw JP46803
Inlet JP50472 Impeller UC 10/4 JP47290
Pump assembly kid JP49001 Impeller UC 15/4 JP50320
Spare seal level control JP50479 Impeller UC 25/4 JP50321
Service lid JP42798
Mounting ring RV JP50476
Seals discharge J JP50481
Seals hydraulic JP50480
Collar JP47287
Pump ventilation JP43710
Plug in seal JP45099
Anti floating JP50473
Tank JP50474

Please download the Compli 400 spares list