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We are the UK’s largest official distributor & stockist authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH

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Nationwide Delivery: Largest UK Stock!

Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm: Same Day Despatch

The ideal pumps for commercial kitchens, canteens, laundries etc.

Two products in the Jung Pumpen range that are particularly suited to this environment are the Jung Pumpen JP09264 (US73 HES) and the Jung Pumpen JP00678 (US73 ES) wastewater pumps. These pumps are the industry benchmark for commercial pumping applications. These include catering kitchens, office canteens, laundry’s and boiler hot water system discharges. The HES version is especially suitable in such circumstances since it is capable of pumping continuously at 90°C.

Jung Pumpen JP09264 US73 HES Hot Water Version:

This is particularly suited for hot wastewater requirements due to its Class F insulated motor windings. While other small submersible pumps are generally only rated for continuous operation up to 35°C (occasionally 60°C), the US73 HES is rated for continuous operation at 90°C. This ensures reliability and long life for challenging applications such as dishwashers, pasta boilers, combi ovens, zip taps, laundries and more.

Our hot water DrainMajor product the DrainMajor 730/1030 can be  powered by the Jung Pumpen US73HES (or the US103HES), it is our leading product for hot water commercial environments.

Jung Pumpen JP00678 US73 ES

The Jung Pumpen US73 pumps are fitted with a free flow vortex impeller making them suitable for pumping wastewater up to a 10 meters head, even when this contains soft solids and fibrous material up to 30mm in particle size in suspension.

If an automated pumping system is required, US73 pumps can be installed in a floor mounted DrainMajor wastewater pumping system. Operation is triggered by the unique, large, triangular, low level float mounted on a rigid float arm, external to the pump body. This design ensures that the system is not affected by wastewater inflow or debris within the DrainMajor collecting tank.

The robust construction of the US73 range features a Stainless-Steel motor housing, Cast Iron pump housing and SiCV mechanical seal on the medium side, with oil chamber and duplex rotary shaft seals on the motor side to ensure reliable, efficient and long-lasting service.

As the Uk’s largest authorised Jung Pumpen stockist, our experienced team can advise you on the US73 pump options as well as the entire Jung Pumpen range. The US73, US73 HES and the DrainMajor range are in stock for next day delivery.

Good news from the Amazon Estuary

We received a lovely letter from Rainforest Trust this morning that we wanted to share with you:

I am sure you remember kindly supporting our Brazilian Amazon Fund last year – thank you again for this! I am pleased to share the update below from Rainforest Trust’s Vice President for Conservation, James Lewis, which describes a landmark success made possible by your support.

I hope you and your team will enjoy reading this good news, and take pride in knowing that your support helped make this possible.

Dear Pump Technology,

Last week, thanks to the extraordinary generosity and commitment of donors such as yourself, a large expanse of unprotected mangroves at the mouth of the Amazon was formally protected — just one year after the project was launched! Working in partnership with RARE Brazil, this project marks the first legally protected area in the Amazon to be created with Rainforest Trust support.

The over 180,000 acres of the Amazon Estuary now safeguarded are a critical part of the largest continuous belt of mangroves in the world. It provides a unique refuge and nursing environment for marine and coastal species facing extinction, like Atlantic Goliath Grouper, Black Rail, a tiny, elusive marsh bird, and the American Manatee. Rainforest Trust and RARE Brazil were able to safeguard 7% more of this astounding estuary than originally planned.

This is a stunning win for the Amazon, for the traditional fishing communities of this region and for sustainable fisheries, and for the climate. We could not have done it without you!

President Lula of Brazil’s signing of the decrees that successfully complete our Amazon Estuary project is cause for celebration, as announced in this article on the Brazilian government’s website.

In addition to the rare, threatened species protected here, the estuary is a priority area for the conservation of migratory birds, and it is also an important habitat for species such as swamp ghost crab, white shrimp, mussels, mollusks and oysters. The region is an important source of food and livelihoods for over 10,000 people in traditional coastal communities on the Amazon coast. The new federal designation will enable local communities to co-manage the reserves, defending their rich marine biodiversity from multiple threats of coastal development.

This project was the first to be funded in part by our Brazilian Amazon Fund, created in 2023 to permanently safeguard 20 million acres in Brazil over the next four years. Another cause for celebration!

Thank you for defending Brazilian coastal ecosystems through your financial support! We look forward to continuing our work together in Brazil and around the world to safeguard fragile ecosystems, species and communities, and to keep carbon stored for a healthier planet.

With gratitude
James Lewis
Vice President, Conservation
Rainforest Trust

Announcement of new utility pumps SIMER 6 / SIMER 6S

Due to the recent surge in demand prompted by the flood situation earlier this year, Jung have experienced a significant increase in orders for the SIMER 5 utility pump (Code No. OD6601G-05). Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that, due to this heightened demand, we are currently unable to accept any new orders for the SIMER 5, as well as the SIMER Level Control (Code No. JP46884).

On a positive note, we are excited to announce the upcoming release of the SIMER 6, the latest Jung product. The official launch of this new version is scheduled for May, 2024, and it will be offered in two variants, with and without integrated level control.

We anticipate being able to generate quotations and confirm orders for the SIMER 6 starting from the end of week 6.

If you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

Bringing Products to You: Experience Our ‘Pop-Up Exhibition’ at Your Office

When you need to select products for your projects, the need to touch, feel, and experience them firsthand often shapes decision-making. Because we understand this crucial aspect, we strive to bridge the gap between your curiosity and the product’s reality. As part of our services, we offer a unique opportunity—an exclusive ‘pop-up exhibition’ right in your office premises.

The concept is simple yet effective: we will transport a selection of our flagship Jung products directly to your office and be present on-site for several hours, allowing you and your team the flexibility to drop in at your convenience. This offers you the chance to examine the products up close, explore their features, and engage with an expert who can provide comprehensive insights.

All we need is a tiny bit of space, whether it’s a reception area, a coffee space, or a meeting room. We adapt to your environment, ensuring minimal disruption while maximising the experience for you.

Flexibility is key to accommodating your schedule. You can plan your visit at your convenience. If this opportunity is of interest, please email David at davidj@pumptechnology.co.uk. who will facilitate the coordination of a suitable date for our ‘pop-up exhibition’.

Rainforest Trust UK – An update

Some Wastewater Pumping Systems are doing more than others!

We’re excited to share the news that we have just hit our target of 1000 off Jung Pumpen DrainMinor and DrainMajor wastewater pumping systems specified and sold, which means that we can send our promised donation the Rainforest Trust UK.

Our donation will protect 3,145 acres of Brazilian amazon, the world’s largest tropical rainforest.

As you know these systems have collecting tanks manufactured from recyclable Polyethylene. Therefore, it also means a 1000 off collecting tanks situated in commercial building across the UK can now be recycled when the time comes and not sent to landfill as is the case for tanks constructed from GRP for instance.

What we specify makes a difference!

This happened because-

Pump Technology Ltd, (Authorized by Jung Pumpen GmbH), based in Berkshire wanted to emphasize that the Jung Pumpen DrainMinor and DrainMajor wastewater pumping system was beneficial, because the collecting tanks were recyclable, this is not the case for all pumping systems.

Pump Technology Ltd therefore sponsored the Rainforest trust as a good environmental cause giving £5.00 for every DrainMinor and DrainMajor pumping system specified and sold.

Thanks to your specification and sales we have quickly reached the target of 1,000 units and it was our pleasure to send a payment of £5,000 to the Rainforest Trust.

This donation will help Rainforest Trust and our local partners to permanently safeguard 20 million acres of the Brazilian Amazon across multiple projects. This vital work will provide a safe haven for at least 70 threatened species and secure the territories of 150,000 Indigenous people. By doing so, we will pull the Amazon back from the tipping point and safely lock up more than 6 billion metric tonnes of CO2 equivalents, to diminish the global impacts of climate change.

Many thanks for supporting this important cause.

New Jung Pumpen Data Book

As a company that likes to provide a good level of service, if you ask us for something then we like to deliver!

We’ve been asked on a few occasions to get a databook together of all the datasheets for the Jung Pumpen range of products. We do provide these online (just go to your product of choice for technical datasheets, 3d models and 3dBims) which means that you can always access accurate data wherever you are but every now and then its nice to have a manual that you can keep on your desk which has everything in it.

We are a company that is observant of our carbon footprint and the amount of paper we use, so these aren’t something we are going to send to everyone. However, if you would like one sent to you please get in touch with David by emailing davidj@pumptechnology.co.uk and he will post one to you.

Once in receipt of the folder we will aim to keep it updated by sending out quarterly updates so that you always have the most up-to-date information.

As you know our ‘powered by Jung’ DrainMajor Waste Water Pump Systems is manufactured from recyclable Polyethylene.

How we are helping the environment

We have teamed up with the Rainforest Trust and for the next 1,000 units of DrainMajors and DrainMinors, we will donate £5.00 for every DrainMajor/DrainMinor pumping system specified.

Every penny donated will go to projects preserving rainforests and other tropical habitats.

Tanks manufactured from Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) are almost impossible to recyclable and is difficult to dispose of but our Polyethylene tanks are easy to recycle as another tank, broom handles, children toys and many other products.

For Public Health Engineers wanting to specify an environmentally friendly solution, the DrainMajor / DrainMinor wastewater pumping system is the ideal choice.