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We are the UK’s largest official distributor & stockist authorised by Jung Pumpen GmbH

0118 9821 555

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Nationwide Delivery: Largest UK Stock!

Mon to Fri: 9:00am – 5:00pm: Same Day Despatch

Jung Pumpen Compli 1200

The Jung Compli 1200 pumping station is for use in industrial plants or a block of flats, basically anywhere that has a continuous flow of sewage.

Key Information

  • Ideal for commercial situations where Macerators are NOT suitable
  • Twin Pump
  • Control Panel and high level alarm pre wired
  • Complete system ready to install
  • Maintenance can be carried out very easily

Technical Information

  • PE-tank capacity 350 Ltr.
  • Floor to centre in 560-700ml variable
  • Hmax = 20 m
  • Qmax = 76 m3/h
Case Study


The Compli 1200 – The Ultimate Solution for More Storage Volume

Discover the all-new Compli 1200, now equipped with the advanced HighLogo Microprocessor Control Unit for enhanced performance. With a generous storage volume of 350 liters, this system is the perfect choice for efficiently disposing of wastewater from multiple residential units or commercial establishments.

Designed for your convenience, the Compli 1200 offers easy handling, a space-saving setup, and hassle-free installation and maintenance. Say goodbye to tedious procedures with our innovative swing-type check valve crafted from high-tech compound plastic. This cutting-edge valve boasts a larger maintenance opening, providing special benefits by eliminating the need to dismantle the pump during maintenance or when replacing the rubber flap.

The 10/4 BW, 15/4 BW, and 25/4 BW submersible pumps are equipped with high-strength plastic impellers that can be effortlessly dismantled for maintenance purposes, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

The HighLogo microprocessor control unit, brings unparalleled convenience to your fingertips. Ideal for duplex units, it prioritises safety and offers an array of functions that can be easily selected via the intuitively operated rotary button. All information is prominently displayed on the large screen, keeping you informed at all times.

For added peace of mind, you have the option to equip your Compli 1200 with an optional GSM modem accessory. This allows you to receive fault notifications via SMS and/or email on programmable receivers, ensuring prompt response and proactive maintenance.

Areas of Application:

  • Commercial properties
  • Hospitals
  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants

Upgrade your wastewater disposal system with the Compli 1200 today and experience the convenience, efficiency, and reliability it brings to your commercial property.



Type Code No. Motor rating P1 Motor rating P2 Current Plug Oil chamber
compli 1210/4 BW HL
1.3 kW
1 kW
2.8 A
compli 1215/4 BW HL
2.2 kW
1.7 kW
3.9 A
compli 1225/4 BW HL
3 kW
2.2 kW
5.1 A
compli 1225/2 BW HL
3.3 kW
2.6 kW
5.4 A
compli 1235/2 BW HL
4.8 kW
4 kW
8.2 A

PDF Downloads

Compli 1200 Data Sheet
Compli 1200 Manual
Compli 1200 Spares

3d Bim library

Use our 3d Bim library to generate a pdf and image


We stock many Jung Pumpen spares at our warehouse in Aldermaston. Please download the Compli 1200 spares list or call the office on 0118 9821 555 if you need help, or to place an order.

COMPLI 1200 HL Code No. UC 10/4 – 15/4 – 25/4. Code No. UC 25/2 – 35/2 Code No.
Adapter JP50478 Cable 10/4, 15/4, 25/4, 4 m JP50485 Cable JP43717
Elastic connector JP43705 Cable 10/4, 15/4, 25/4, 15 m JP50161 Stator + Housing 25/2 JP44008
Control unit HighLogo 2-25P
(1210/4, 1215/4)
JP50510 Cable 1010/4 BWE, 4 m JP50486 Stator + Housing 35/2 JP46211
HighLogo 2-46P
(1225/2, 1225/4)
JP50511 Cable 1010/4 BWE, 15 m JP50487 Mechanical seal JP46567
HighLogo 2-610P
JP50512 Stator + Housing 10/4 JP50488 Bearing set JP46214
HighLogo 2, Door-Set JP48147 Stator + Housing 15/4, 25/4 JP50447 Rotor shaft 25/2 JP48339
Contactor DILMT9 JP50518 Stator + Housing 1010/4 BWE JP50448 Rotor shaft 35/2 JP48340
Pump…10/4 JP50469 Bearing set JP46724 Seal set JP46807
Pump…10/4 BWE, 4 m JP50470 Motor seals JP46806 Shaft cover JP47043
Pump…10/4 BWE, 15 m JP50584 Rotor shaft 10/4 JP46761 Bearing housing JP43726
Pump…15/4 JP48824 Rotor shaft 15/4, 25/4 JP50322 Motor seals JP46806
Pump…25/4 JP48825 Rotor shaft 1010/4 BWE JP46801 Screw set JP47291
Pump…25/2 JP48826 Screw set JP50450 Impeller 25/2 JP48359
Pump…35/2 JP48827 Bearing housing JP43720 Impeller 35/2 JP48360
Pump…10/4, 15M JP50162 Seal set JP50449 Oil screw JP46046
Pump…15/4, 15M JP50163 Impeller screw JP46803 10x O-Ring 38×3,5 JP48109
Pump…25/4,15M JP50164 Impeller 10/4 JP47290 10x O-Ring 10×2,5 JP48088
Flange JP43706 Impeller 15/4 JP50320
Reflux valve JP50566 Impeller 25/4 JP50321
Duplex flap JP46812 1010/4 BWE JP47290
Base plate JP43714
Sealing tape JP47966
Level control 4 m Cable JP47306
Level control 15 m Cable JP50695
Seal level control JP50479
Clamping flange JP43713
Service lid JP42798
Collar JP46814
Plug-in seal D50xD59 JP45099
Pump ventilation JP43710
Tank JP44862
Anti floading JP43716
Anti floading JP43709

Please download the Compli 1200 spares list