We would like to introduce the new stainless steel Jung submersible drainage pumps MultiDrain UV3. These four pumps supplement the MultiDrain series to cover a comprehensive performance spectrum.

The MultiDrain UV3 are particularly suitable for pumping wastewater in mobile applications. Permanently installed, they are used in manholes or collecting tanks, where they also serve to prevent backwater. The pumps will be available from 01.01.2021.

Used for transport, they reliably empty tanks, ponds or swimming pools or, in emergencies, dry flooded cellars. A hose connection and a swing-type check valve (only for mobile use) are already included in the scope of supply. Stationary installed in shafts or collecting tanks, they remove water from laundry rooms, storage rooms or drainage shafts. At the same time, they also serve as backflow protection. For particularly narrow shafts (from 22 cm diameter), the UV3 SF version with a special vertical float switch is ideal.

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